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Empire of the Roman Eagle – Foundation statement

(Revealed by Janus Maximus Imperium Maiuset Pontifex Maximus on the investiture ceremony of the Order of the Roman Eagle on 25th April 2016) 

For nearly two years the world is not the same as we are accustomed with for decades. It is changing. The great powers re-divide the continents. This – just as it happened centuries, millennia ago – is accompanied by wars, bloodshed and destruction. The war has victims: dead, refugees, migrants.

Thus has increased the the need for historical involvement of the Roman Eagle.

It must return to the roots, to the Roman Empire, when Europe, Asia and the civilized part of Africa was unified. There did not exist European Union, African Union, ASEAN.

We have already made the first steps. We have eagles from Mauritania, Algeria, Romania, Hungary, Angola, Albania, Italy, Congo, Eritrea, Israel, Bissau-Guinea, Comoros Islands, Palestine, Morocco, Guinea, namely from fifteen countries and our number is multiplying from investiture to investiture.

On the investiture of today the number of countries with Uganda, India, England, Senegal, Ethiopia, Egypt and Ghana has expanded to twenty-three.

We cooperate with the most important, today still actively working knightly orders: Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – Federation of Autonomous Priories, Sovereign Order of Cyprus, Saint George the Brave Knightly Order, Hospital Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Ordo SiculisCavalieris and many other organizations undertaking significant social role, as the ’56 National Guard.

Beside the enumerated organizations, today we sign a cooperation agreement with the Association of Arab Community in Hungary, too.

I consider that all these establish the basis to be proclaimed hereinafter the Empire of the Roman Eagle.

This, beyond what has been said includes six independent ecclesiastic organizations too, includes the Horus of Malta Spiritual Order, the Order of Lion of Jerusalem, respectively the Daughters of Isis Female Order, the ANAHITA Order and the Saint Hippocrates Healing Order.

The expansion of the provinces of the Order of the Roman Eagle is justifiable and is in line with my Imperium Maius nomination, respectively my Pontifex Maius vocation.

Victor Emmanuel III, king of Italy and emperor of Ethiopia, who re-declared the Order of the Roman Eagle has established the Order with the intent to be its members primarily those foreign – not Italian – citizens, who serve Rome’s case.

De facto this means that the centre of the Order of the Roman Eagle is invariably Rome. In Rome are elected the Grand Master and the superiors of the Order.

Rome’s task is to processthe historical heritage, to cultivate the traditions and to establish the knightly hierarchy.

The provinces outside Rome unified as an empire, on the basis of imperial structure design are building the international order of the Eagle, under the guidance of the actual Imperium Maius secular and Pontifex Maximus religious leader.

Thus the Empire of the Roman Eagle includes not only those countries, which in older times meant Rome, but all the civilized countries of the world. All those countries, which are able to follow now or in the future the historical idealism of Rome. Furthermore, includes all those organizations and spiritual institutions as well, which are best suited to this spirituality.

The structure of the Roman Eagle’s spiritual empire re-quotes the administrative, military and religious picture of the Roman Empire.

The fact that at the moment we do not have contact with the Grand Master of the Order of the Roman Eagle does not impede us, the Pontifex Maximus and Imperium Maius, together with the members of the Order of the Roman Eagle to realize what Marius, Marcus Aurelius, Cicero, Victor Emmanuel III have imagined, namely, to bring back into our disintegrating world the spirit of civilization and democracy. Not only in Hungary, but in the whole world.


Potentatem et honor


Máltai Hórusz Spirituális Rend (pdf)

ANAHITA Rend (pdf)

 Ízisz Lányai Női Rend (pdf)

ANKH Rend (pdf)

Szent Hippokratész Gyógyító Rend (pdf)

Jeruzsálemi Oroszlános Rend (pdf)

 Római Sas Magyar Érintettségű Lovagjainak Nemzetközi Egyesülete 

Kisebbségi és Hátrányosan Megkülönböztetett Egyházak és Más Vallási Szervezetek Tagjainak Nemzetközi Egyesülete


In the legions innovated by Ceasar’s uncle, Marius,the foremost horse soldiers formed an elite. They were the first knights of the Empire, in Caesar’s era they and their families were the first elite fighters of the empire. InCaesar’s era, we can talk about two and a half thousand, later about ten thousandfamilies in the entire territory of the Empire.

The system of the cavalry knights persisted until the split-up of the Roman Empire. The Caesars, the German-Roman monarchs and the Italian kings could always count on the knights of the Roman Eagle. Frequently they were the Grand Masters of the knightly order.

Such way could happen that with the royal decree number 172 on 14th March 1942 Victor Emmanuel III, king of Italy and Albania, emperor of Ethiopia determined the Civil and Military Order of the Roman Eagle. The grand master of the order was the king himself, the last descendant of Augustus.

The king defined the goal of the knightly order

With the first sentence of the decree, the king defined the purpose of the Knights Order as follows:

In today’s world, the world requires that we pay special respect to the allied nations and their friends, therefore we establish a new knightly order for those foreign citizens, who obtained merits in the interest of Italy”.

The founder’s intention legitimize the fact that on the basis of the agreement with the fourth grand master after the king the Order of the Roman Eagle and the Empire of the Roman Eagle formed thereof outside Italy (Rome) to be led by the Imperium Maius.

The history and the royal will are which make the distinction between the Order of the Roman Eagle and other knightly orders from other civil organizations.

Potentatem et honor!


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